This unique program was developed to make massage easily accessible during your work day, to help alleviate stress, tension, muscle aches and reduce the chance of overuse injuries. Try massage through clothes or change into a gown
and let the massage therapist use lotion for a more authentic massage experience!

Fee for massage over clothes:

10 minutes, over clothes for $10
15 minutes over clothes for $15
20 minutes over clothes for $20

Fee for massage with lotions:

10 minutes, with lotions for $13
15 minutes,
with lotions for $18
20 minutes,
with lotions for $23

Massage Schedule for Summer 2015:
Shawn Belles, LMT will be at Global Village, Room 2290 (room 2090 within 2290) located over the Market Café from 11:00 am to 4 pm on the following dates:
June 4 and 18
July 9 and 23
August  6 and 20

Click here for the biography of our Licensed Massage Theripist, Shawn Belles

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#3 Reminder:
Make the most of your appointment time and start the relaxation process by arriving five minutes early. 

What to expect:
You will be seated in a specially designed chair that will allow the massage therapist access to your back, neck, shoulders and arms. The Chair is adjustable to fit most body types. It has a limit of 300lbs. For those who wish to have foot massage, have a disability that restricts mobility, knee problems or are pregnant, accommodations can be made to ensure comfort and satisfaction.

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Colleague!
It is a great idea to give a colleague a pat (or a rub) on the back for a job well done. It is easy to do. Choose a gift certificate value from the scheduler home page and follow the directions. If you don't see the value you want please give us a call. Go to the schedule by clicking here!

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Canceling your appointment:
Our policy is to charge in full if you miss an appointment with less than 24 hours notice.
To cancel an appointment, please follow the link provided in the appointment confirmation email you received. If you are closer than 24 hours from your appointment, please email us to cancel your appointment at and we will do it for you.

We will receive an automated message of your cancellation and if you are canceling with the required 24 hours notice we will refund your credit card. You may pay by cash or check at the time of your appointment and we will issue you a PayPal Credit. Click here for more info on refunds. If you wish to make multiple appointments but do not want to pay for them all at once, please contact us and we will set up a billing system through PayPal.

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